New user FAQs

What is momency?

momency® is a fantastic mobile photo-sharing service that easily allows you to upload, edit and view your pictures and photo albums - On a PC/Mac, mobile phone or tablet! The great thing is: You can share your albums with other users, for example your friends or your family. All shared albums and pictures can be viewed by invited users. They can add pictures and will be notified when new pictures were uploaded.

How can I add pictures?

Nothing is easier than that. Click on the menu button and then on "add pictures", chose your pictures and confirm your selection. Now, your pictures will be scaled down a little and then uploaded.

Does momency® scale the pictures down?

To shorten the loading and uploading process, momency® scales the pictures down to 1920x1080 pixels (Full-HD format). This format-quality is optimized to view your pictures on large-format screens and it is also a standard to print high-resolution photos without any problems! In case you need your pictures in a higher quality we give you the advice upgrade your momency account to premium.

What does private/public mean?

You can switch albums to "public" or "private". Private photos can only be seen by you. Nobody else can see them. Public photos can be viewed by other momency users. All public photos and album can be shared over the social networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram and many more. They can also be found by search engines like google!

How can I share my album with my friends or my family?

You can invite your friends or your family with just a few clicks so that they can see your photos. Click the menu button on the right side of the page and then click on "manage participants". The invited user receives an E-Mail and can join the album by accepting the invitation.

I don't want to participate in a specific album anymore

You can resign from a shared album at anytime. Click on "manage participants" and delete your username from that specific album.

I want to resing somebody else who participates in one of my albums

Click on "manage participants". As long as you are the owner of the album, you can delete all other participants. The user you resign will not get informed about this.

I want to show my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more social networks my albums

No Problem. As long as your album is switched to "public" you can use all the social functions to share it in all the different networks which you choose. Just click on "Share album".

Can you also integrate momency® photo-albums in a Website?

Yes you can! momency® makes it super easy to integrate specific photo galleries in your website.

Click on "Embed into a website" in the menu on the right side of the page and enter your webadress. Click on "Save". After that you'll recieve a code which must be placed in the sourcecode of your website. Finally all your photos appear as a wonderful momency® -gallerie on your website.

What does "zip and export pictures" mean and when does it become necessary?

You might want to send your albums seperately or you want to print or save your data. Just click on "zip and export pictures" to do so.

Can I download single pictures?

Of course! Just click on a photo which you want to download, click on the button with the arrow pointing down and choose a folder to save it.

How safe are my pictures on momency®?

Data security is very important to us! momency® tries everything to protect you from unwanted access to your photos. all uploads, downloads and shares are encrypted with a SSL-certificate and even the filenames are decoded. Nobody except you has access to your photos you are the only person who can see your photos and albums.

Why do I have to confirm my registration?

momency® sets a high value on data security and adheres to the law. For that reason, every user has to confirm their account and their E-Mail address once before momency® turns active.

How many pictures and albums can I add/upload?

You can add as many albums as you want. The amount of pictures that you can upload is restricted.

I would like to save more photos

You can see a counter on the page once you're logged in (e.g. 50/1000) and a small bar chart which shows you how many photos you can upload. You can click on that and you'll see a page where you can purchase more space for photos for cheap prices.

I want another album cover photo

That's not a problem at all. Click on "Manage albums" and choose another album cover photo by clicking on the star-icon. Now your album cover photo has changed to the new one.

How can I delete pictures from my album?

Click on "Manage album". Choose the picture you would like to delete and click on the X-icon. Please note that you can only delete pictures from albums that you have uploaded by yourself.

How can I pay?

You can buy our cheap packages by PayPal only. If you are using the momency® app, you can pay by Google Play Store only.

I don't want to see advertising in my albums.

No problem. As long as you purchase one of our cheap packages, advertising will be disabled.

How can i change my password?

Click on your profile picture and enter your old password once and your new password twice. Click on save.

How can I change my profile picture?

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and the on your profile picture again. After that you can choose another one.

What happens to my albums and pictures when I delete my account on momency®?

Once you have deleted your account your albums and pictures will all be deleted. You cannot restore them. They are gone forever! If you have uploaded pictures to an album of your friends or family, those pictures will be deleted too. But only the specific ones that you have uploaded. All other pictures from other participants remains in the album.